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Having been operated for 110 years by 2007, the tramway is the artery of the East-West transport of the city of Miskolc, a basic pillar of public transport in terms of both transport capacities and the commitment of the local inhabitants. The trams running in the pedestrian streets of the renewed city center form an organic part of the cityscape.
The overall objective of the project is to create and promote a long term sustainable, competitive, environmental friendly quick and safe transport line in the East-West axis of the city of Miskolc, to form a modern cityscape with the accomplishment of the complex development of the tram traffic.
The direct objective of the project is to increase the quality of the service with the modernization of the already existing tramline, the extension of this line from the current Diósgyőr terminal until Felső-Majláth, to enhance the environmental friendly traffic possibilities with the termination of parallel bus routes and the modernization of the tram vehicle fleet with the procurement of new tram cars.

Anticipated results of the project:

  • Travel time savings from Tiszai Railway Station to Felső-Majláth, modernization and extension of the tracks, as well as the deployment of new trams and new solutions in traffic organization.
  • Reduction of noise emission in the modernized track sections.
  • Establishment of modern, energy-saving, environmentally friendly, high-standard public transport with the use of new trams.
  • Reduction of air pollution with the termination of bus routes traveling in parallel with the trams.
  • Provision of equal opportunities with the deployment of low-floored trams and conversion of platforms.
  • Creation of proper conditions for bicycling by offering transportation possibilities in the new trams, storage spaces in the new terminal and connection to the planned bicycle routes.
  • Retention of the passenger public, strengthening of the traffic share of public transport.

As a result of the project, a tourism-oriented intermodal crossing station, Felső-Majláth station will be developed to the direction of Lillafüred–Ómassa and other locations of the Bükk Mountains with the use of buses, narrow-gauge railways and bicycle routes.

Additional urban development plans affecting the development concerned:

Development of an intermodal node at Tiszai Railway Station whose elements are (in the light of the later conversion plans, the loop at Tiszai Railway Station is not a part of this project):

  • Tiszai Railway Station
  • New bus station and tram terminal station
  • Large railway connection, suburban railway stop, as well as terminal station and pedestrian underpass

Development of an intermodal node in Majláth whose elements are:

  • New bus station (for bus lines 5, 15 the development of the Felső-Majláth bus terminal station is a part of the project)
  • Tram terminal station (a part of the project)
  • LÁEV small-gauge railway station (the project considers the potentials of the establishment of the new station in its area demand)
  • Coach stop

Development of an East–West bicycle road between Felsőzsolca and Lillafüred. The project is connected to this plan with the establishment of B+R and bicycle transportation facilities.

The elements not included in the project (Tiszai Railway Station Loop) can be implemented independently in terms of finances and technical solutions, yet their development are brought in line with the elements of the major project, therefore no supplemental demolition works or technical conversions will be needed.

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